Everyone is a photographer now and devices are so sophisticated that the technical aspects take care of themselves. I believe the trick of a good picture lies in the subject and composition of the shot.

My work

My work is mainly colour photographic print (from film, transparency and digital media) and digital images. I am drawn to recording the buildings, infrastructure, and architectural detail of a place as well as its people.

I also work in monochrome, with computer-generated images (CGI) and have produced a series of abstracts from some of the original images.

Image Libraries

Images are catalogued in a series of libraries where you can view and buy unwatermarked digital versions of the images, which will be emailed to you, to download for print or web use.

Images for the web

In addtion to building, publishing and hosting your web site, we can provide all the photographs you need too. We can either work from your own products or services, provide our own stock images, or source royalty-free images.


In addition to serving a client-base throughout the UK, my pictures have found their way to places across the world including; the USA, Spain, China, and Denmark.

If you have a specific commission or requirement in mind, please get in touch using the form on the Contact page.